Here at Hippie Shack we invest a lot of time and research into carefully handpicking the best products and suppliers we can find by ensuring that all products meet our strict requirements. Everything is not only truly sustainable but is ethically sourced and we are constantly striving to find the most Planet friendly materials to help soften the impact of consumer demand on the Earths eco system. We provide as much information as possible on our fabrics, clothing, accessories and suppliers ensuring full transparency so you can shop with confidence in our store. We aim to help educate and allow people to share ideas and have discussions on what we can do to help our planet. About our Suppliers.


Eco From field to fashion, our door to your door,  we track the impact our garments and suppliers have on the environment. Our garments not only save gallons and gallons of water but also avoid CO2 emissions and provide tonnes of carbon offset.

Issues such as climate change, global warming, plastic, pollution, and deforestation concern us all and will have repercussions and consequences for everyone.



We love our planet, all its beauty and wonders and would like our kids and future generations to enjoy Planet Earth and all it has to offer.  Most people feel powerless in effecting and bringing about change, however here at Hippie Shack we want to help show that the little changes we can all make can help bring about a change in direction and towards a more sustainable and eco friendly way of living. If enough of us are willing to make these changes then we can collectively make a big difference.

The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time to start is now.

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