How can we help the planet?

A little about us.



Eco from Field to Fashion

At Hippie Shack we invest a lot of time and put a lot research into the products we sell. Carefully picking suppliers and products that fit our strict requirements.  Everything is not only checked for sustainability and its impact on the planet but you also have our full guarantee that it has been ethically sourced. We are constantly striving to find the most Planet Friendly materials to help soften the impact of demand on the Earths Eco System.


Our door to your door, we track the impact our garments and suppliers have on the environment. Our garments not only save gallons and gallons of water but also avoid CO2 emissions providing tonnes of carbon offset. 

Issues such as climate change and global warming along with plastic pollution and deforestation concern us all and will have repercussions and consequences for everyone. 

Image by Noah Buscher