We recognize sustainability is not just a fashion, but a lifestyle.  Our limited collections at Poppy Field the label are made using carefully selected, natural, organic materials. All must be clearly labeled as ethical and sustainable before we make the first stitch. We are focused on the preservation of our environment, constantly seeking new materials that are more and more eco-friendly.

Poppy Field the label is dedicated to honouring our environment. This means no petroleum-derived fibre such as polyester. We use Viscose, a type of rayon, once known as artificial silk. It is a unique and versatile material, being neither natural nor synthetic.


Viscose is organic, biodegradable and renewable. Although the fabric is created from a natural, sustainable source, we at Poppy Field the label recognize the making of the fabric is not a perfect process. However, newer and cleaner methods are producing less waste in the manufacturing of Viscose, making it a far eco-friendlier material.

Our patron’s wellbeing is important to us. The viscose used by Poppy Field the label is Oek-Tex certified. This means the finished fibre has no residual chemicals that could be harmful to our customer’s health.

TAMGA Designs is a sustainable lifestyle movement, born out of the need for a positive example in fashion. We believe in a bright future for style, people and the planet, so we create clothing that respects all three.


It is no secret that at TAMGA we love colour - but the conventional dyes used on most clothing are toxic to people and our planet. At TAMGA, our vivid colours come from low-impact dyes that use 70% less water than conventional synthetic dyes. Our OEKO-Tex 100 certified colours are free of any harmful chemicals and react beautifully to our sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics. Anywhere from 60-70% of dyes used in the textile industry contain suspected carcinogens, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. We refuse to include any of these dyes or chemicals in our designs and ensure that our dyehouses only use the most enviromentally and ethically responsible products.


Great design cannot exist without great materials. At the foundation of every TAMGA garment is a search for the world’s best sustainable fibres. Our journey begins with the raw materials, everything else builds from there.



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